A Windy Wedding in Santorini

Antonia Veskou
Jan 24,2018

Wind is an asset on a wedding day!

As widely known, the Aegean winds blow constantly during summer. Cyclades islands complex, where Santorini belongs, are known for the Meltemia winds, that offer a breeze even during the hottest days. 

In case you did not know, wind is our friend on a wedding day! 

It offers us a cool feeling when everybody waits for the bride to arrive to the ceremony, while she enjoys the delightful company of the air conditioning, keeping the groom waiting a little longer before she says the desirable I Do!

It helps the multi tier cake to stay at its hight and perfectly set for you and your other significant half to make your big entrance and cut the first piece! 

It gives the opportunity to your beloved guests to enjoy comfortably and really feel the mouthwatering flavours of this delicious dinner, with the several courses, that you spent a fortune on it!

Most important! It blows your fabulous Greek Goddess dress and your wedding photos will be spectacularly flowy for you to admire for a lifetime!!! 

So, do not be afraid of the wind, love it!